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Yannick Roy

Hi! I'm Yannick Roy, and I'm all about Neurotechnology.

“If the brain were so simple we could understand it, we would be so simple we couldn’t.”
-Lyall Watson

I am obsessed with Neurotechnology and I’m on a mission to facilitate its development.

I believe in Human Enhancement and I think we live in the best time in history.

What a time to be alive!

Executive Director @ NeuroTechX, PhD Student @ UdeM, Lecturer @ ETS

I Got The Skills

I get sh*t done. I like to surround myself with talented individuals to lead and manage projects. I work hard – first in, last out – type of person, I lead by example and I inspire with my passion and commitment. I have the technical knowledge with my engineering degree, the scientific knowledge with my PhD in progress and a business oriented mind with my current and previous leadership positions. But above all, I’m agile and a life-long learner.

Programming (C/C++, Matlab, R, Python, .NET) 85%
Brain-Computer Interfaces 80%
Cognitive Neurosience 75%
Machine Learning 60%
Leadership & Team Management 85%
Entrepreneurship 75%
Public Speaking 80%
Dedication to Neurotechnology 100%

My Current Roles

I am always involved in all spheres around Neurotechnology, from science to technology to education to business to the community.

This 360 vision, experience and understanding of the field is what makes me very valuable to an organization (and obviously my extended network in the field).

Executive Director

I’m the Co-Founder and Executive Director of NeuroTechX, an international nonprofit organization aiming to facilitate the advancement of neurotechnology.

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PhD Student

I’m currently doing my PhD at University of Montreal (UdeM). I’m working on a (EEG) closed-loop system for cognitive training. I’m working with Prof. Jocelyn Faubert.

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I teach C programming for undergrad (engineering) at ETS.

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Public Speaker

Through my different hats, I’m often asked to give lectures, talks, podcast, interviews, etc.

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Stuff I Do

When I’m not talking about Neurotech & the Future, I’m in front of my computer working on some neurotech-related stuff.

  • Transhumanism


  • EEG – Source Localization & Clustering

    EEG – Source Localization & Clustering

  • EEG – Connectivity

    EEG – Connectivity

  • PhD: Closed-Loop System for Cognitive Training

    PhD: Closed-Loop System for Cognitive Training

  • ITF6266 – Deep Learning

    ITF6266 – Deep Learning

  • BrainFighta – VR BCI (Multiplayer) Game

    BrainFighta – VR BCI (Multiplayer) Game

  • NTX Student Clubs

    NTX Student Clubs

  • Noos Montreal

    Noos Montreal

  • NeuroTechX


  • NeuralDrift


  • SynapsETS


Stuff I write

From time to time I like to write stuff. I’m a terrible writer, but there is so much I want to say.

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