Noos Montreal is a local community launched in 2015 with the idea of gathering together Montreal’s futurists, transhumanism, techno-enthusiasts, etc. People who are excited (perhaps concerned) about emerging technology.

You can see our Meetup and Facebook group.

The group isn’t very active anymore as the main administrator are crazy busy with personal projects. (Myself being busy with my PhD, NeuroTechX, Teaching, etc.)

One of the central postulate that lead to the creation of this group is that technology and science will continue to evolve whether we want it or not. Job automation, self-driving cars, genetic modifications, life extension treatments are already realities. Considering the great advantages they can offer our society, the economy and/or individuals, their presence will only increase with time. Therefore, the most important question we need to ask is how can we prepare for the venue of this technology in our society.

It is also critical to prepare the population for these upcoming technologies in order to avoid major social conflicts and to ensure that we react in a way that will lead to a great future. This group aims to address these points and take actions.

Here is a list of the Noös Montreal group core principles and “raisons d’être”:

• Prepare the population for emerging technologies and the consequences of their integration in society.

• Discussions on the ethical implications of emerging technologies.

• Educate population and promote technologies and sciences.

• Prepare and educate the younger generation on science and technology.

• Network for people interested in the future, science and technology.

• Inspire people to work for the future of mankind.

• Become a hub for Montreal technological/scientific groups.

Noös Montreal related themes:

Transhumanism, futurism, technological singularity, artificial intelligence, post-scarcity,  smart cities, IoT, cyborgism, robotic, spatial exploration, genetic modifications, technologies neuro/bio, hacking, DIY.