Some articles, podcasts, events, etc. where I’ve been asked to

[Interview] UK Metro News – Can you rewire your brain as a shortcut to health?

[Panel] TAVES (Consumer Show) – Artificial Intelligence and Brain Computer Interfaces.

[Panel] Collège Lionel-Groulx – Jeux Vidéos (leur impact sur le cerveau) (French).

[Radio] Bienvenue en 2067 with Jean-Rene Dufort – Radio Canada (French)

[Radio] Un Hacker féru de neurotechnologie: Rencontre avec Yannick Roy – Radio Canada, le 15-18 (@17h35) (French)

[Podcast] QuantumRun – Future of Neurotechnology with Yannick Roy.

[Panel] Centre des Sciences / Québec Science – Allons-nous vivre jusqu’à 140 ans.

[Interview] Université de Montréal – Un “Hacker” qui étudie au Doctorat.

[Interview] Québec Science – Le pouvoir du mental (French)

[Interview] Dernière Heure (DH) – Homo-Numericus (French)

[Interview / Podcast] Oeuf ou la Poule, CHOQ.CA – Radio UQAM (French)

[Interview] Sapien Labs – NeuroTechX

[Award / Featured] Founder Institute – Champions of 2015

[Interview] Les Affaires – Tranhusmaniste (French)

[Event] Tournée des Entrepreneurs – Alma (2015)

[Event] eWeek – Dawson (2015)

[TV] MaTV: Billboard Montreal (October 2015)

[TV] Tele-Quebec: Genial (2015) (full episode available here)




Yannick is spearheading NeuroTechX – the international neurotech community, as a cofounder and executive director. He is an electrical engineer with a background in computer science currently doing his PhD in visual neuroscience at University of Montreal. He’s obsessed about combining brain & tech. When he’s not engaging with other neurotech enthusiasts or managing neurotech projects, he’s usually in his lab working on his research. He also teaches computer science at ETS in Montreal.
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